Assessing Your Business DNA

Our clients tell us our Business DNA model is a clear and simple picture that breaks your business down into its key elements in a way that just makes sense. Reviewing this model together explores the strengths and weaknesses of each element for your organization and leads into the creation of strategic solutions.

Creating Solutions

We draw on our expertise and experience to create the strategic solutions that integrate and align your Business DNA in the right way for you.

But the thing is – Integra can’t create your strategic plan or change your culture by ourselves. We need the input of your key people to make it the right fit for your organization, and their commitment to what they have created to make it work afterwards.

Our clients tell us that what we do best is engage their people in candid and productive discussions about their Business DNA challenges and solutions. We do this by leading a process where people feel safe enough to participate and we challenge them to put their honest perspectives on the table.

We create ‘productive conflict’ by asking provocative questions and rooting out the ‘elephants in the room’ and then synthesize the collective wisdom of the group into a plan of action with specific and measurable steps for getting things done.

Support for Execution

All too many of us have had the experience of spending time and money with a consultant only to have a lovely binder that we shelve and forget about when we get busy. At Integra we are committed to helping you hold the focus and build the capacity to execute the solutions we have created together.